Solar Parabolic Trough Rec 20

Solar Parabolic Trough Rec 20

The Power Trough REC-20 is a parabolic trough solar concentrator which generates thermal energy useful in industrial or commercial applications where large amounts of hot water, steam or heat input is required, at a lower cost than gas, diesel or fuel oil. Our solar technology is superior to what is currently available in the market.

As it is able to generate higher input temperatures (180-390 °F) and has a better efficiency compared to other types of solar collectors and having a better modularity, using efficiently the available area of installation and generating more thermal energy per area unit. The Power Trough REC-20 allows to attend a wider range of projects, from small to large industries by providing flexibility and ease of installation either on rooftops or ground level.

How it Works ?

The Power Trough rec20 consists of a highly reflective surface shaped as a half pipe, which concentrates all the sun rays onto a receiver pipe, Trough which a liquid flows absorbing all the solar energy collected. The system is modular, allowing to connect up to 10 troughs in series and to connect multiple rows in order to increase solar capture. The system must track the sun so it reduces its incidence angle, by an independent solar tracking system. This allows the system to track the sun throughout the day using the maximum available solar radiation and returning the system to its initial position after sunset.

As well as adding safety features against winds, rain and over-heating of the receiver. Industrial and commercial companies commonly use fossil fuels in their boilers for generation of steam or hot water which are used in their productive processes. This represent high operating costs and unfortunately fuel prices are increasing Trough time with high volatility, making companies to lose competitiveness in their markets. Examples of industries with high thermal energy demand for their processes :


  • » Food processing companies
  • » Pharmaceutical
  • » Restaurants
  • » Dairy industry and its derivatives
  • » Hotels I Motel
  • » Textile
  • » Brewing alcoholic beverages
  • » Sports Clubs I Gyms
  • » Brewery
  • » Slaughterhouses
  • » Hospitals
  • » Laundry

Here are several opportunities in the industrial and commercial sectors for using our PTC technology for applications such as heating water or generating steam at a temperature range of 180-390 °F. Our solar technology reduces up to 80°/o the fuel consumption used by boilers to generate thermal energy, by now using solar energy. Its modularity is specially designed to be easily installed on the rooftops of industries at the best price.

Among the benefits that industrial or commercial companies obtain by using our solar concentration technology to generate hot water or steam are :

  • » Reduction of up to 80% of fuel consumption for thermal energy generation.
  • » Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in the process of generation of thermal energy.
  • » Stability in energy I operating cost.
  • » Attractive investment with a payback in less than 3 years.
  • » Accelerated tax deduction and access to government grants for its acquisition.
  • » Reduce the load of your boiler reducing its maintenance costs and extend its lifetime.
  • » Each project with our solar concentration technology is custom made to ensure a daily volume of hot water or steam generation, analysing in detail the current customer facilities and studying the solar radiation on the site where the project will be installed.