Solar Air Dryer SD 800

Solar Air Dryer SD 800

WELCOME TO RADHA ENERGY CELL leading manufacturers, Suppliers and exporters of Solar Air Heating systems ,Solar Dryer or Solar Dehydration Systems in INDIA. Our organization also concerns with designing, manufacturing and supplying of Solar Dryers. Solar Dryer removes unnecessary moisture from the product with retention of original color and taste as well as keeps the product free from any environmental factor, dust, dirt, animal or bird droppings.

Solar Dryer Machine, Solar Drying Fruits, Agriculture, Crop Drying Machine, Solar Grain Dryer, Coconut Drying Machine, Solar Dryer System and Solar Dryer Technology, Solar Drying is Carried out mostly for Drying Purpose of Products hence Solar Drying Works as a best Moisture Confiscating Agent which Prevents the Products from getting De-composed. Radha Energy Cell is proud to Present SOLAR DRYER SD-800 a noble and eco friendly way to address the needs of small scale food processing Industries.

SD - 800 Features :

  • » Hygienic Drying
  • » No Color De-gradation due to UV rays.
  • » Low running Cost hence higher savings with solar dryer
  • » Optional Automatic Controls for dampers with humidity and temperature sensors with solar dryer.
  • » Low Cost
  • » Easy to Operate
  • » Long life Drying periods
  • » Limited Control of Air and Temperature with solar dryer
  • » Air Flow Provided by Solar fan with the help of solar dryer
  • » Most Widely used Solar Dryer
  • » More Efficient and fastest drying rates due to high air flow rate.
  • » Better temperature control with solar dryer
  • » Year long running due to electrical and diesel generator option.

Technical Details :

  • » Size of chamber - 16' 12' 12'
  • » Maximum temperature - 70 degree + - 10 degree
  • » Heating - hot water generated from solar collectors circulated into the casing Trough heat exchanger.
  • » Blower - 2 nos run by solar panels
  • » Power supply - 220v (optional)
  • » Number of trolleys - 4 nos. 3"x12'
  • » Charge per tray - 200 kg approx.
  • » Tray material - ms (gi paint)
  • » Tray size - 3"x12'
  • » Solar Collectors - 6 etc
  • » Electrical backup - backup electrical or generator
  • » Control panel - control of hot water circulation pumps and fans.

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